chateau plaisance

making great wine in saint emilion since 1886

Château Plaisance is located in the heart of the Saint Emilion appellation. The Château is not a newcomer to this area, it was constructed in 1886. The building is of classic French architectural style of the region.

The work in the vines is primary and the most important aspect of this wine estate. Our vineyards are comprised of 19 hectares, planted with three grape varieties: merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. The vines grow in unique soil of sand and gravel that allow for perfect drainage. Only by focusing on viticulture, the best possible wine can be attained.

By combining the best of traditions of the old world with the implementation of new technology, the wine is created in a state-of-the art winery and a modern barrel-cellar. The harvest is traditional, done by picking the grapes by hand, followed by meticulous fruit selection. Once sorted, the grapes are placed in temperature regulated stainless steel tanks. In keeping with the Grand Cru qualification status, Château Plaisance then ages the wine in new oak barrels for 18 months. Artistic blending of the three grape varieties is one of the final steps. Two years after the harvest, the wine is bottled. The winemaking experience is long, arduous, and ultimately rewarding.

"The art of wine making is thousands of years old. Truly great wines do not come easily …"

Chateau Plaisance is committed to producing Grand Cru Wines of the best possible quality


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