chateau plaisance

making great wine in saint emilion since 1886

Our red wines are a blend of varietals but predominantly merlot based (80%) and are aged  in oak barrels.  For this reason, mild, soft cheeses compliment them best.  Here is a small selection of a few cheeses we’ve tried with our wine and find they go very well together.  Why not try for yourself, and if you have any other suggestions let us know!

Brie de meaux –    Also known as ‘the king of cheeses’  this is a soft velvety cheese.

Cambembert –      Another soft cheese and also incredibly popular. Camembert is reknowned  for its pairing with Saint Emilion wines

Gouda –                This popular Dutch cheese is great with wine and fruit, so why not try it with some grapes to.

Brillat Savarin -    Brillat-Savarin is a decadent triple cream gourmet cheese made from pasturized cows milk and enriched with cream.

Morbier AOC –      Is a 'lait cru', raw milk cheese. It has a soft paste that has a distinct aroma and with a flavor that only lingers on your taste buds for a short while.



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